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Here at LaSota Racing, we have the option of selling just about any wideband available for our customers. In fact, we have been dealers for other brands. But we are dedicated to giving our customers the BEST products available. And we have used and evaluated all of the mid-range priced widebands available. We have compared many of them to high end widebands such as lab grade Horibas and other very expensive  widebands that OEMs use. And the one wideband that  really stands out in accuracy and features is the Zeitronix.

We liked using them so much that we became dealers for them and probably had a big hand in introducing these amazing units to the Ford/Mustang community. What is even more amazing is they are priced as low as some of the inferior widebands that a lot of people use. The casual user really won't know if the numbers they see on their wideband screen are right or not. But we do - we have compared them and to this day, still compare Zeitronix widebands, on the dyno to lab grade widebands. Depending on the dyno we are at we always run two wideband sensors, one on each bank and one is always a Zeitronix. And the agreement between the two is simply amazing for a wideband of this low cost.

Not only is the cost really low, but the features available are amazing as well. It will read out, simultaneously: Air to Fuel Ratio for gasoline: Lambda, which is REQUIRED for alcohol based fuels (virtually all gasoline from the pump); RPMs for most cars without any extra cost add-on boxes; TPS percentage on vehicles with a TPS sensor; MAF volts (or another 05v source) - MAF volts are crucial for proper tuning of all cars and especially critical for EEC IV cars where there is no other good data; and with optional sensors, boost and EGT temps.

The ZT-2 is easy to hook up, you can run it with or without a gauge. Without a gauge you connect it to a laptop with a serial port or a USB>Serial converter and use Zeitronix excellent standalone software to monitor the engine. The software alone makes it worth the price. It constantly scrolls the display, using several different user definable displays. You hit <Enter> to start logging and <enter> to stop logging. Simple. Then you can review the logs for the entire run by scrolling back. You can pinpoint lean or rich areas and figure out exactly where they are on the MAF curve since you will log A/F and MAF volts as well as any of the other available logging items. It's a true datalogger disguised as a wideband. You have the option of either a rectangular display, which can display A/F, Lambda, Boost and EGT at the same time or two different  round gauge options  - see the descriptions.  

We also offer the Zeitronix EXCLUSIVE fuel alcohol analyzer - a MUST when using E85 or other alcohol blends, because you may not know when you buy E85, you probably will not get E85, maybe you'll get E60 or some other variation. Additionally, we offer the multi function DashDaq that interfaces with the Zeitronix units as well as other Zeitronix accessories. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. CA residents a 9% sales tax is required.

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On the Zeitronix Order page you will have a lot of options: display, no display, type of display, color of surround, color of LED. Additionally, you will be able to choose between the ZR-1 Gauges and the ZR-2 Gauges- see below.

The ZT-2 Unit can be used as a standalone logger with a laptop or you can add displays.

Rectangular display with Black Surround

Rectangular display with Metal Surround

<Round Gauges can be ordered in with either red or blue display colors and either a black or a metal bezel.

<Round Gauges can also be ordered in the ZR-1 configuration or the ZR-2 configuration

<The ZR-1 Gauges display A/F ratio and Lambda ONLY.

<The ZR-2 Gauges display A/F ratio, Lambda, Boost, Vacuum and EGT

Click Here To Order Zeitronix Products