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Announcing the two newest additions to LaSota Racing's Tuning Book Library!

The Coyote Cookbook for SCT Advantage software

and The Coyote Cookbook for HP Tuners software

Customer comment: "...that's the best $75 bucks I've ever spent. If you're going to spend $379 on a programmer, then $349 on the software, a guy would be a fool to not to spend a measly $75 bucks for this very detailed guide... This thing gives tips and explanations that very experienced programmers that I've spoken to have never even thought about. It's like having a direct line to the best of the best programmers to explain it all to you in the greatest of detail... Considering the cost of the hardware and the software from SCT, I can't believe that LaSota is willing to sell this level of guidance through the process of using it all so cheaply. I have performed MIRACLES with this 2001 Mustang GT 5.4 32V conversion car in a single day thanks to the insight provided by this guide."~Terry G.

Click Here to see our entire library of books. In addition to our brand new Coyote Cookbooks, we have other books available for SCT, HP Tuners, Binary Editor/Moates and Delta Force Tuning. We have books for Ford tuning as well as the HP Tuners, GM Ultimate Tuning Guide. Our books cover most Fords and GM vehicles from 1988-2015 and beyond.
If you got your SCT Handheld or tune from another dealer and are unhappy with the tunes, or are having a difficult time getting support for it, or your dealer refuses to either answer your inquiries or send you YOUR tunes, or if they take weeks to get back to you, make the switch to LaSota Racing Tunes. Available for most 1996-2015 vehicles. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. Not available for California residents.

We also offer editable tunes for SCT Dealers and Pro Racers, click below and look in the middle column.

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Choose NA or SC/Turbo

The best option for tuning for most people is to tune their own vehicle. It is not brain surgery and once you 'get it' you will be forever free of dynotune costs. 99% of the tuners out there are average intelligence. Some people seem to perpetuate the myth that that tuning is a secret arcane art - it's not. On a mechanically sound car it's not too difficult. The packages are often cheaper than a lot of dynotunes but YOU keep control of your own car. We give a free base tune and emailed support as well and you'd get access to SCT's Pro Racer forum. For More info Click Here. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added.

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HP Tuners new MPVi2 Hardware is now available! VCM Suite is designed for both the home enthusiast and the professional tunershop that tune GM, Ford, and Dodge. The product is easy to use and has many powerful features usually found in custom tuning shop software! Includes VCM Editor, and VCM Scanner!. HP Tuners provides support for tuning 2005-2019 Mustangs, Chrysler Products, some foriegn makes as well as most GM vehicles on the market. Their innovative flash tune method. terrific software and great datalogging, gives you the power to tune your Mustang or GM like a pro! . We also have money saving Packages that include any or all of our HP Tuner books. If you do not see a combo you want, email us for a discount quote! Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. Not available for California residents.

Are you an SCT Dealer who needs either remote tuning or emailed tunes on a regular basis or for one problem car? Are you a Pro Racer Software owner who never got a base tune from your dealer and you are stuck? These tunes are supplied in editable format so you can see the changes we make. We will accept datalogs and update the tunes for you for up to 90 days. Think of this as a great training exercise because you can see and track all changes based on the datalogs you provide! For More info Click Here. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. Not available for California residents.

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Please Choose:

The QuarterHorse is the ONLY tuning tool we would use for 1988-1995 Mustangs! The QuarterHorse plugs into the J3 port, like a chip module, on EEC-IV. Datalogging of all sensors and values to the PC. True real time emulation allows instant changes to any calibration parameter while engine is running. You can change ANY parameter while the vehicle is running without disturbing operation. You can log ANY parameter in RAM from the EEC-IV at sample rates well over 2,000 frames per second hrough the same mini USB cable (no OBD cable needed). We also have base tunes and the Ulitimate Tuning Guide available here. For More info Click Here. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. Not available for California residents.Click Here to Submit your Vehicle Info.

QuarterHorse:  $249 + $15 S&H (continental USA ONLY)

SCT X4 Handheld Flasher

The X4 Power Flash arrives Pre-Loaded with DYNO Proven tune files that INCREASE HORSEPOWER and TORQUE! Programming your vehicle with one of SCT's pre-loaded performance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply plug the OBDII connector into your vehicle's OBDII port, select the pre-loaded tune file using the simple to navigate menu and within minutes the X4 programs your vehicle. Stores up to 10 custom tunes. Not Available for California residents.

For Modified Vehicles: A LaSota Racing Custom Tune is used based on your modifications. Please choose the option that describes your vehicle when ordering. All X4's include a Free USB Cable. Modified vehicle tunes include 90 days of free emailed tunes. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. For More info Click Here.

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SCT X4 Flasher

Please Choose:

SCT LiveWire TS

Color 4" Touch Screen Display, Rear View Camera Input, Automatic On / Off / Sleep Mode, Holds up to 10 Custom Tunes, Reads & Clears DTC Codes, Built-In Performance Calculator, High Speed Data Logging & Monitoring, User Adjustable Tune Options, User Selectable Graphics & Gauge Layouts, Available for both Gas & Diesel Vehicles, User Adjustable Warning / Alerts, Windshield Mount Included. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. Not Available for California residents. For More info Click Here. Click Here to Submit your Vehicle Info.

SCT LiveWire TS

Please Choose:

SCT iTSX Tuning System


Wireless iPod - iPhone - iPad Tuning! The iTSX System unlocks your vehicle's hidden performance potential by wirelessly re-calibrating your vehicle's computer for Maximum Horsepower & Torque, Increased Throttle Response, Firmer Shifts and even Increased Fuel Mileage.The iTSX App lets you control the vehicle-tuning and monitoring capabilities of the iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface…the first & only “Made for iPod – iPhone – iPad”  vehicle tuner & OBD-II monitoring product on the market.  The iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II diagnostic connector, and communicates with your Apple device via a secure Bluetooth wireless connection. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. Not Available for California residents. For More info Click Here. Click Here to Submit your Vehicle Info.


Choose an Option below

Zeitronix Widebands

We have used and evaluated all of the lower priced widebands available. We have compared many of them to high end widebands such as lab grade widebands. And the one wideband that  really stands out in accuracy and features is the Zeitronix. We compare Zeitronix widebands, on the dyno to lab grade widebands. all the time. And the agreement between the two is simply amazing for a wideband of this low cost. The available features are amazing as well. It will show simultaneously: Air to Fuel Ratio for gas: Lambda, REQUIRED for alcohol based fuels (i.e. all gas from the pump); RPMs for most cars without extra cost boxes; TPS percentage; MAF volts (or another 0-5v source) and lots more. With optional sensors, boost and EGT temps too. Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. CA Residents add 9% Sales Tax.

Dynotuning, consultation, training troubleshooting, technical writing, publishing. Have a problem vehicle? We can hlp. Want a dynotune day schedules to get your shop 'on the map? need a new product manual written or revised? Want something published? We can do all of that!

LaSota Racing Technologies is one of the first SCT Dealers in the country and the first in Ohio. When SCT needed experts to train new dealers to tune cars, they called on the experts at LaSota Racing to help with that task. LaSota Racing has been traveling and training new dealers since SCT started.

When SCT needed a book written for dealers, and Pro Racers, a book that would be the 'Bible' of tuning, they turned to the experts at LaSota Racing. We gathered information from all of SCT's staff experts, used our own tuning knowledge and wrote the book that is now in use by hundreds of SCT's dealers. And now we have come out with our own line of manuals, updated and much more comprehensive.

Let us use the expertise that SCT trusts on your ride!

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Orders that are returned are subject to a restocking fee of 18%. All returned items must be in new and unused condition with all original packing material, cables, documentation, etc. X3's cannot be returned if they have been used to flash a vehicle. Returns will only be accepted for 10 days after purchase. Return shipping fees will not be refunded. Defective items that are covered by SCT's and other manufacturer's warranty must be returned to SCT according to SCT's policies and conditions. Emailed Tunes are not refundable. Software and ProRacer Packages are not returnable. Pro Racer Training Video CDs and tuning guides are not returnable.