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LaSota Racing Help and Tech Articles

We have posted the articles to the left as a courtesy to fellow automotive enthusiasts and as to assist our customers in datalogging, chip install or MAF install. If you are one of our customers, or will soon become one, please feel free to contact us with questions. But please DO NOT call us with questions on some of the general install articles we have posted if you are not or will not be a customer and need assistance. There should be enough info in the articles for anyone to get going if that's your current project. Please use any information gathered here at your own risk.

Draw Through vs. Blow Through MAF Datalogging 96 and up Vehicles SCT and LMAF Information
Pushrod Kenne Bell Supercharger Tips What Modifications Require a Retune? Swapping a 4R70W into a 94-95 GT
Read this before taking your '05 & up Mustangs to the dealers!