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X3 Flash Information'05 and up Mustangs & Earlier F-150's

If you purchased an X3 from LaSota Racing or a custom tune, please be advised that Ford dealers will routinely reflash the PCM on your vehicle, and often without telling you. They do this to update the PCM with all the latest 'fixes' and enhancements for that particular vehicle. On an untuned vehicle, this is not an issue. On a vehicle WITH a flash tune, this is a MAJOR issue. If you already have an X3 do this:

1 - Prepare for trip to dealer by flashing the vehicle back to stock.

2 - From the DTC or Vehicle Info Menu, Choose Read Strategy.

3 - Write it down. Take vehicle to dealer. Get vehicle back from dealer.

4 - Read Strategy and compare to original strategy you wrote down.

5 - If both strategies match, no changes needed

6 - If strategy has changed, unlock the unit DO NOT RELOAD ANY TUNES INTO THE VEHICLE! Email the new strategy to Don@lasotaracing.com with new strategy.

Alternately, when taking the vehicle to the dealer - TELL them not to update the PCM and even leave tape or a note on the PCM telling them NOT to reflash it.

Failure to do this MAY result in a no-start which means you will have to have the vehicle towed back to the dealer for a PCM reflash.

If you are purchasing a new X3 from LaSota Racing and you need custom tunes are not sure if the dealer has reflashed it, let us know before ordering the X3 and we will ship it to you without custom tunes. With a basically stock tune you can use the onboard tunes as the X3 SF reads the strategy before flashing automatically. To send us the strategy:

1.   Use the X3 to go to the DTC or Vehicle Info Menu, 'Choose Read Strategy'.

2.   Email the strategy to Don@lasotaracing.com

3.   You'll then get your custom tunes emailed to you, simply install them with the free program from SCT - X3Updater.