Moates QuarterHorse/Binary Editor

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The QuarterHorse plugs into the J3 port, like a chip module, on EEC-IV and EEC-V through 2004 Ford vehicles. Here are the key capabilities:

Datalogging of all sensors and values to the PC.

True real time emulation allows instant changes to any calibration parameter while engine is running.

You can change ANY parameter while the vehicle is running without disturbing operation. You can log ANY parameter in RAM from the EEC-IV and V at sample rates well over 2,000 frames per second through the same mini USB cable (no OBD cable needed). Simultaneous ultra-high-speed rigorous datalogging capabilities are closely-coupled with the real-time-emulation/tuning-on-the-fly for the ultimate tuning experience. This device continues the tradition and heritage of our highly-integrated, low-cost, high-quality tuning tools from GM and Honda into the Ford arena. It requires Clint Garrity's Binary Editor Software available as an option

It also supports reading of the EEC port to harvest 'stock' binaries. This must be done in-vehicle, or on a test bench harness, to supply the EEC with power. 

 This product kit comes with the QH device, premium USB 2.0 mini-to-regular USB bulkhead cable, cable mounting bracket and bolt, standard USB 2.0 cable.

Does NOT include any software, must be purchased in a combo.

Now you can also order Binary Editor, dongle version, the best tuning software to use with a QuarterHorse.

Choose options that you want. Base tunes are 'starter' tunes set up for your vehicle. Base tunes are available for most 1988-1995 Mustangs and some other vehicles. Email us if you are unsure. Tunes do not include 'back and forth' tuning. For that, you need to purchase a Zeitronix wideband and pay additional costs - email us for details. 

If purchasing a tune, prior to ordering, click here to submit information about your vehicle so a custom tune can be built for you.

Not available for California residents.