How To use SCT's LiveLink datalogging software

How To use SCT's LiveLink datalogging software

LiveLink Demo

We often get questions about using LiveLink datalogging software for Fords. So we prepared a very short, very basic YouTube video to help you out. The link is located at the end of this article.

The list of PIDs or datalogging items varies by Ford vehicle. It is always best to use the UPPER CASE DMR’s, they may not all be available for your strategy. In that case you can look for lower case generic PIDs or OBD items. You can also mix and match. Just make sure they actually work when you are logging. You may want to add wideband data as an analog input to any from 1996-2010. 2011+ vehicles use factory widebands so you can log Lambda.

The following are just examples of the basic things to log. For different circumstances you may want to add other items. But keeping the list as small as possible will help with logging speed and resolution. These all assume you’ll be shutting off adaptive for tuning and using the short term fuel trims for tuning.

1996-1998 can use these:

If MAF AD counts are available then select that instead of MAF Volts as shown in the example above. Logging 02 sensor volts can give you a good idea which way to ‘go’ with the tune initially if the MAF Transfer function is too far out and the Short Term Fuel Trims are too far off and static.

1999-2004 uses the same layout, but adds fuel pump duty cycle. Since the PCM in these years is now PCM controlled, it is a logging item.

On 03-04 Cobras, add ‘Inlet Air Temp 2’ or ‘Downstream Inlet Air Temp’ or it may be worded different. This is the ACT sensor after the blower. On vehicles with knock sensors, you may want to add Knock Sensor PIDs.

On 2005-2010 Fords, MAF volts are used. Plus you may need to see if the variable cams are working and look at a couple of drive-by-wire items. You can use this layout:

Finally, of 2011+ vehicles, you have to use a lot of PIDs to get things logged properly. In fact, you will need to log more than once using different PDs to do it right since all that you need will not fit on one log. For initial fueling, you can use this layout:

Then to dial in spark and the torque tables you can use this layout:

Hope this gives you more insight into what to log. To see our basic video, follow this link.

Happy Tuning!