Have a shop and a dyno, but you cannot tune by yourself? Have difficult vehicles? Close to Ohio? At LaSota Racing we can come to your shop (depending on the distance) and tune 3+ vehicles for you. Please call Don at 740-815-0524 for details.

Remote Tuning for Dealers

Have a shop and a dyno? Did your current tuner quit? Have you been held 'hostage' by a difficult employee who has been tuning for you? Unhappy with your current tuner? Have some vehicles that need to be tuned RIGHT NOW? We can do remote tunes for you, we hook up to your tuning PC remotely and tune the vehicle real-time on the dyno for you. You need an internet connection and phone in the shop. Please call Don at 740-815-0524 for details.

Emailed Tunes for Dealers

Do you need tuning done at your dyno shop, but need a less expensive alternative to a remote tune or a dynotune? We sell dealer remote tunes on our custom tuning page. Click here to go there.


Are you a new dealer? Do you have new personnel that need training? LaSota Racing can customize a training session right for you. Call Don at 740-815-0524 for details.


Starting a new shop? Wanting help getting it going? Trying to improve your current shop? We can help. Call Don at 740-815-0524 for details.


Need something written? A product manual? User manual? Install instructions? Any other writing needs? Don at LaSota Racing has written everything from complex scientific procedural manuals to owners manuals/operating guides for boat manufacturers to 7+ individual tuning manuals as well as all of SCT's earlier product manuals their first few years of existence. Whatever your need, we can handle it for you. Call Don at 740-815-0524 for details.

Page Layout

Already have something written, but need to add pictures/photos/illustrations and get it into a format that looks professional? Want to get things ready for .pdfs, EBooks or online viewing? We have done page layout in-house on ALL our own publications. From simple to fancy, we can do it. Call Don at 740-815-0524 for details.



Once you have the written material ready to go need help publishing it? Need to get ISBN numbers and bar codes to sell it in stores? Need things professionally printed? We can get it done for you. Call Don at 740-815-0524 for details.