About LaSota Racing

At LaSota Racing Technologies we have over 40 years combined experience working on and tuning race cars and street cars. We were one of the first SCT dealers in the country. Both Rob and Don LaSota have college degrees as well. Don is a retired EPA Scientist. Rob also has a degree and in addition is an ASE Master Tech and an accomplished welder. LaSota Racing Technologies has the full complement of SCT software, for every Ford from 1988 to the present including Mustangs, Cobras, Focus, Thunderbird, Cougar, F series trucks, diesels, Crown Victorias, Mercury Marquis, and most other Ford products. Whether you have a 5.0 liter, a 4.6, a 5.4, a 5.8 or any other EFI vehicle, we can handle it. Turbo? Vortech? Powerdyne? Paxton? Procharger? Kenne Bell? We have seen them all and tuned them all.

The technology we use to tune cars is state-of-the-art from custom widebands to several different dataloggers to fine tune all the engine and transmission parameters.

  • We have tuned a huge number of cars across the country.
  • We were selected by SCT to train other SCT dealers to tune vehicles.
  • We have traveled across the country and internationally to other SCT dealers to tune cars.
  • Don is the coauthor of SCT's Dealer's 100+ page Dealer's Tuning Manual.
  • Don is the coauthor of SCT's Pro Racer Tuning Manual.
  • Don has written the SCT dealer's and Racer Pro online tutorials.
  • We have written most of SCT's early product documentation.
  • We personally own/have owned the following vehicles: 1966 289 Fairlane, 1968 428 CJ Mustang, 1966 Cyclone GT, 1970 302 Maverick, 1968 302 Mustang GT, 1970 5.8l Torino GT, 1991 Cougar - with a 5.0 and one of the only five speed conversion cars with the conversion done via clutch cable, 1994 5.8L Lightning - this truck was the first OBD II Gen 1 Lightning in the world - it also was turbocharged and has gone 11 flat at 120, 1995 Mustang GT convertible - this car has been through several transformations, from stock 5.0 liter, to wild NA 5.0L to 5.0 Kenne Bell 1500 Supercharger to 2200 Kenne Bell Supercharger with Flowzilla - this car was one of the quickest Kenne Bell 5.0L cars in the nation running on drag radials at the time. It went 11.1/123 and the most significant part is it is a 3800 pound convertible. Currently it sports a 422 CI motor NA with a C4 and has gone 10's We also have a 500+ RWHP Turbo Gen 1 Lightning, a 2006 Mustang GT that made good power on just a CAI and a custom tune, an Ecoboost 2018 Mustang and a Coyote powered 2020 Mustang GT. . We have designed and fabricated all the turbos in our vehicles.
  • Since we drive two turbo cars, tuning them is no problem for us.
What does all this mean to you? It means that you will be getting a tuning team that knows how to get the most safe power and best driveabilty possible!

Please let us know if we can help you get the most from your vehicle!