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Prior to ordering, click here to submit information about your vehicle.

The best option for tuning for most people is to tune their own vehicle. It is not brain surgery and once you 'get it' you will be forever free of dynotune costs. 99% of the tuners out there are average intelligence. Some people seem to perpetuate the myth that that tuning is a secret arcane art - it's not. On a mechanically sound car it's not too difficult. The packages are often cheaper than a lot of dynotunes but YOU keep control of your own car. We give a free base tune with book purchase and emailed support as well. And you get access to SCT's Pro Racer forum.  

The Pro Racer Software from SCT allows you to tune like the Pros. You get the exact same tuning software that SCT dealers use. You need an SCT Handheld Flasher with the software - see package options.

A single PCM package that gives the hardcore racer the control he has been dying to have. SCT Ford Tuning Software gives you COMPLETE control of the PCM for all your tuning needs.  • FREE Base Tune with the purchase of software and a printed Tuning Guide ( Free base tune is for1994-2010 only, must be purchased from LaSota Racing) • Built in help files, with the ability to document your changes • Easy to use, windows based program • Support for most Ford, GM and Chrysler PCMs 

NOTE: Some packages are designed for someone that already has an SCT Handheld Flasher. If you do not have one, choose a package with an SCT X4.To get a custom base tune, you must submit vehicle info and also purchase a printed Ultimate Tuning Guide at the same time. Note: Custom tunes are not available for California residents - call for CA.


Windows Computer (see SCT's website for specific requirements). Required to Fax or email a signed license agreement to SCT to activate your software

NOTE: This is a special order item, the software is made up individually by SCT - this item cannot be stocked by dealers, allow for some delay in shipping. All ProRacer packages include 90 days of free support from the date of purchase and unlimited access to SCT's PRP users forum. Sorry, no returns on any software, tunes or electronic equipment.

Prior to ordering, click here to submit information about your vehicle.

!!PLEASE READ!!: We cannot and will not delete any emissions equipment in the tune. 

Additional Pro Racer databases are available for $150. We need your dongle ID (lower left corner of screen when running Advantage software), your name and address, a copy of the vehicle registration showing you as owner (cell phone photo is OK), and the new strategy/box code you need..

Note: This item is non-refundable. To get a FREE base tune you must also purchase the Ultimate Tuning Guide. Custom tunes are not included for California residents.

Ohio residents 7% sales tax will be added. Shipping included for USA lower 48 only. Use the pull down menu to choose extra shipping for Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. Other countries, email us first.